We are a local campaign group made up of residents from in and around Finchley Central. We exist to support and strengthen the voice of local residents who are opposed to a development at this scale.

Our aim is to get as many as people as possible to sign up to our campaign and ensure that we respond with a clear, loud and unified voice. This campaign needs as much support as possible. Our MP for Finchley and Golders Green, Mike Freer, is a Government Whip which means he would find it difficult to raise local issues for debate. Additionally, to date no other local group has offered unequivocal and wholehearted backing to our cause.

The current proposed development will….

  • dwarf and overshadow the surrounding streets
  • completely change the character of the area
  • strain local services, take away parking facilities and stretch infrastructure.
  • The current proposed development does not meet the housing needs of Barnet, there are far too many units crowded into the small space, skyscrapers are totally out of character and inappropriate in a low-rise suburb, the buildings will cause a serious lack of daylight and sunlight and are not environmentally friendly.

    Barnet Council’s Local Plan requires developments to respond to local context by delivering buildings and spaces that are of a scale, appearance and shape that respond to the identity and character of the locality. Barnet’s own Characterisation Study describes the area as being generally cohesive and coherent. However, this profit-driven, massive, inappropriately dense development will permanently blight the area and blight our lives.


    They claim that this is an "important opportunity to deliver affordable high-quality homes" and "design-led quality development". But these cannot be achieved with the proposed high density, which will produce an unacceptably harmful impact on the surroundings.

    40% Affordability:

    They will create a place that enhances the local character of the area:

    Better routes to and from the station enhancing public transport connections to improve transport accessibility:

    A sustainable and thriving community:

    A new pocket park:


    1. Tell all your neighbours and local friends about the plans and ask them to sign up on our website for advice on when and how to respond.
    2. Spread the word on-line and in your neighbourhood.
    3. Sign and share our petition and help continue to raiseawareness: http://chng.it/mxVJ4LQdZm
    4. Sign up to our newsletter here
    5. Write to Eva Greenspan, Head of Barnet Planning Committee (cllr.e.greenspan@barnet.gov.uk), and Dan Thomas, Council Leader (leader@barnet.gov.uk), to let them know your thoughts
    6. Like and Follow us on Facebook so you’ll see posts from us and know when to act
    7. Write to Eva Greenspan, Head of Barnet Planning Committee (cllr.e.greenspan@barnet.gov.uk), and Dan Thomas, Council Leader (leader@barnet.gov.uk), to let them know your thoughts
    8. If you would like to join our campaign group please see below for information.


    If you would like to join our campaign group we’d love to hear from you. All are welcome and we would appreciate any experience or time you can offer:

    To join HOFC campaign group please email: handsofffinchleycentral@gmail.com