The Key Issues

Here you will find information and resources to support you in helping you form a view on the final Taylor Wimpey / TFL (Transport for London) proposal when it is submitted. Until we see revised plans all current information is based on the latest information shared. The information compiled below summarises why you might object. Please remember that each objection MUST be personal and cannot be a template or just cut and pasted so please ensure you use your own words and reasoning.

This page provides information on the valid reasons to object to the plan, please also visit our How To Object page

We have identified 13 key issues. In the individual sections for each one you will find some objections you may want to use, and additional information and facts to support the objections:

  1. Excessive size and scale of proposed development
  2. Developers’ consultation with the community
  3. Overlooking/loss of privacy
  4. Loss of daylight/sunlight or overshadowing
  5. Integration with local area
  6. Quality of build, environmental impact
  7. Design and heights of proposed buildings
  8. Number of housing units, expected number of people, density, affordable housing, types and size of units
  9. Effect on infrastructure: GPs, hospitals, schools
  10. Surrounding green spaces, leisure areas, and security
  11. Effect on Finchley Conservation Area
  12. Effect of construction work on the locality
  13. Car park: current provision, proposals for commuters